Starter Switches

Our Starter Switches are designed to easily start an engine or other automotive, marine, and appliance type applications. These momentary switches only change from its default state only when the button is pressed and held down. Offered with different characteristics and styles, you can choose between modern and classic options to accommodate your custom needs.

SA Series

  • Engine starter button switch with LED illuminated button. Find the SA series available in three different colors (Red, Green and Blue) and with either ENGINE START printed text or blank face actuators. Supplied with a rear nut for easy dash panel mounting
  • Electrical Rating : 50A 12V DC
  • Circuitry : SPST
  • Terminal : SC M4
  • Position : OFF-(ON)

SB Series

  • Switch Components Inc.’s SB starter switches are ideal for high amperage circuits that can be exposed to harsh environments as it repels oil, water and other liquids. This heavy duty momentary switch is also available with dust and weatherproof neoprene rubber (Black and Red). It is designed to act as starter, signal and momentary control of DC circuits
  • Electrical Rating : 60A 12V DC
  • Circuitry : SPST
  • Terminal : SC M4,PIN,STUD
  • Position : OFF-(ON)