Using a solenoid switch is ideal for activating high amperage devices where a relay will not be able to carry the current required. We offer universal use Continuous or Intermittent Duty solenoids available to handle loads up to 200A make and break, ideal for a vehicle's starter, winch, snow plow or other heavy electric motors. We offer different grounding features as well as constructing our solenoids using various materials in order to meet your exact specifications. Higher amps starter solenoids for extra heavy duty equipment such as mining, logging, materials handling, and construction are available upon request.

HDS1 Series

  • HDS1 Series solenoids are constructed of phenolic, making them light weight and durable. They are resistant to corrosion and high or low temperatures. These intermittent solenoids are actuated for a short amount of time (30sec) and then deactivated to allow for coil cool down, allowing them to handle 200A for the short duration. Three terminals grounded solenoid with mounting hardware serving as the ground connection.
  • Solenoid Type : Intermittent Duty (30 sec cylcle)
  • Grounding : Grounded
  • Electrical Rating : 12V - 200A Make and Break, 24V - 100A Make and Break

HDS2 Series

  • Bare metal body continuous duty solenoids. These solenoids can be actuated indefinitely, meaning a voltage can remain present on the coil for as long as it needs to be there. Can handle lower current levels (85A) due to the heat that they endure over the long ON times. Grounded (Three terminals) and Insulated (Four terminals) base options available.
  • Solenoid Type : Continuous Duty
  • Grounding : Insulated, Grounded
  • Electrical Rating : 12V 85A, 24V 85A